The Gift of Hatteras Island

This year, choose the gift of unique memorable experiences when you book a stay on Hatteras Island. Explore all that the Island has to offer from unique stays, watersports, amazing fishing, off-roading, wildlife, and of course…the beach!

How to Present Your Reservation

Get creative with your presentation. Here are some ideas to help you get started!

A box within a box

This is a common yet fun way to present a small but valuable gift! Each box can contain clues to the centerpiece and by the time they reach the middle, all the clues will come together as the anticipation builds. Here are a few ideas to go in each box:


  • Box 1 – Flip Flops
  • Box 2 – Sunglass/Sunhat/Sunscreen
  • Box 3 – Beach Towel
  • Box 4 – Drink tumbler
  • Box 5 – Image of the House on a calendar date

Hatteras Themed Ideas – Can be any of your favorites locally themed gifts

Box in a Box vacation gift presentation

How to present a paper that shows you got them the gift of a stay on Hatteras Island

We like to take inspiration from wedding invitations and other forms of paper presentations.

  • Ideas to elevate your gift
  • Use a thicker weighted paper
  • Customize printing – use the house name, location, their name, etc.
  • Include an itinerary with pictures
  • Add tiny details – a wax seal, a decorative beach charm, a beach balloon, or attach to some flowers or other small gift

Here are some image collages from Pinterest to get creative with your presentation!

Vacation gift presentation
vacation gift presentation

Get a scrapbook (or an empty picture frame)

But, don’t fill it with a picture. Instead, surprise them in the empty space with a note that you are going on a trip.

Then let the memories you make on your trip fill in the empty slots!

If you decide to get a scrapbook, consider picking up decorative stickers and crafty things to have a fun project upon your return.

vacation gift presentation

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