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Nick Blaskovics

Meet Hatteras Island Deli Owner, Nick Blaskovics. As a local wine and food enthusiast, Nick brought his passion for fresh taste to the Island in 2018. His deli offers artisanal deli sandwiches, locally made desserts, prepped take-home family dinners, and a unique wine tasting event every Thursday at 4pm.  

After speaking with Nick one-on-one we learned that some of his ingredients, like the mozzarella, pesto, pimento cheese, and corn beef, are made completely in-house. Meanwhile, other deli ingredients are specialty imports from highly esteemed food and wine destinations, including Italy.  

Pamlico Deli Exterior
Pamlico Deli at 53013 NC-12, Frisco, NC 27936

About the Pamlico Deli on Hatteras

The Pamlico Deli recently re-opened in new a location in May. Due to the location change, it now features beautiful new renovations that are perfect for hosting the weekly wine tastings. This event is often accompanied by guest speakers, live music, local craft beers, a specialty dinner, and charcuterie boards.  

Nick’s top menu recommendation varies frequently, but the charcuterie boards and wine tastings are a consistent top-tier pick. Unfortunately, one of the biggest challenges his business faces is staffing. In addition, there are some unique logistics issues that are the result of sourcing specialty deli ingredients from off Hatteras Island.

However, despite these challenges, any visitor who has the opportunity to talk with Nick will see that his passion for food and wine perseveres.  Those interested in learning and exploring their shared passion for food by working alongside Nick for the summer can also receive an opportunity for limited supplied housing.

Pamlico Deli Menu and Interior
Order station directly inside the entrance. To the left is the wind tasting room a lounge area

If you’re on Hatteras Island be sure to stop by the deli and say “Hi” to Nick. When you do, come out for a Wine Tasting on Thursdays or check out the new deli’s lounging area and tasting room. 

Pamlico Deli Wine Tasting Bar on Hatteras Island

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