5 Reasons to Visit Hatteras Island This Fall


Fall is perhaps the most beautiful time of year to visit Hatteras Island and the Outer Banks! As the days begin to shorten, the temperatures are still warm but not overwhelmingly hot, and the ocean is still warm enough for swimming, kiteboarding, or whatever your favorite water activity is. These are just a few of the reasons a trip to Hatteras Island this fall is a must! Continue reading to find out the top 5 reasons to visit Hatteras Island this Fall!

#1: Open Spaces & No Waiting

As the summer season winds down, you will find our beaches have more open space in the fall, and the line for dining has greatly shortened. Known to locals as the “shoulder season,” fall on Hatteras Island is pleasantly warm, with many sunny days, reduced humidity, and plenty to do!

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse on a misty morning

#2 : Fabulous Fishing

Fishing Pole and rigs

Fishing is a year-round activity on Hatteras Island, but the fall holds a special place in the hearts of local fishermen. Not only are there several fishing tournaments happening on Island in the fall, but the cooler temperatures bring Red Drum season (October). You can also catch Black Drum, Bluefish, Flounder, and more!

Whether you prefer surf, pier, or boat fishing, there are many places to fish on Hatteras Island. Check out our recommendations for the perfect fishing accommodation.

#3: Beach Bonfires

Fall days are plenty warm, but the nights can get a bit chilly. What better way to spend an evening than relaxing on the beaches of Hatteras Island with a beach bonfire? You will need a permit to light a bonfire, but the effort is worth it. Telling ghost stories, stargazing, or catching up with family is best done when sitting around a beach bonfire.

Click here to learn more about the rules of beach bonfires.

Hatteras Island Sunset and Beach Fire

#4: Events & Festivals

windsurfing outer banks

Fall brings with it many events & festivals. Besides the fishing tournaments, guests and visitors can spend a Day at The Docks in early September. This event is an excellent glimpse into what life is truly like on Hatteras Island. Another favorite is OBX Wind, an annual windsurfing competition held each year at the end of October, the perfect season for windsurfing!

Are you looking for something a bit more low-key? Then join us for the Wings Over Water event, which focuses on bird-watching opportunities Hatteras Island offers.

#5: Price & Availability

Yes, it is true. Fall on Hatteras Island is not as popular as the peak summer month, but that is advantageous for you. You will find many more homes available for your stay, and the price is perfect for budget conscientious guests. You can splurge and stay oceanfront in the fall when the rental rates are much lower than in summer. Fall truly is the best time to visit Hatteras Island.

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