Renovation Reveal: Last Mango in Hatteras

We want to highlight an amazing home renovation on Hatteras Island! This post is featuring a full home remodeling project at the Last Mango in Hatteras #191! The following images and videos capture a spectacular transformation that was 2 years in the making. This adorable oceanfront cottage in Avon has been in our portfolio for several years now. As a result, we have been able to capture the gorgeous full remodel done to the Last Mango in Hatteras from 2018 to 2021.

The Exterior

Right off the bat, you will notice the changes done to the exterior siding, color, updated deck railings, light fixtures, and new sleek black framed windows!

Exterior renovation

The Kitchen

All the kitchen appliances were upgraded to stainless steel status! A new backspace brightened up the space below the cabinets. New modern breakfast bar stools, overhead light, and the tiles floors were removed. The floors now match the rest of the dining and living room space for a more cohesive flow throughout the home.

kitchen renovation

The Dining and Living Room

With so many spectacular updates throughout the home, it can be difficult to spot them all! A few that jump out immediately in this space is the brand new window to maximize natural light and oceanfront views, brilliant! Updates included the dining room table, chairs, and light fixtures. In the living room, the entertainment space became minimized for a sleek modern look. Meanwhile, the tv was maximized! All wires were hidden behind the wall, the center coffee table and organic stitched rug brought movement and center to the space.

living room renovation


Every bedroom had a complete makeover! From the master suites upstairs to additional beds added downstairs! New decor, bed frames, bed sets, light fixtures, wall painting, window frames, flooring, TVs, and dressers.

bedroom before and after renovation


Just like the bedrooms, all of the bathrooms received updates as well. The one below is from the master bedroom on the top floor. It features a new closet door, new trimming, counters, and drawers. In addition, the sliding door shower became a curtain-style entrance. Most noticeably, the flooring in the bathrooms became one of the most captivating upgrades that work to liven up the feel of each room.

bathroom before and after renovation


On the mid-level, the den and entryway both received breathtaking new interior designs. For the den, the space transformed from a game room into an in-home office (and a chic one at that!). This is a wonderfully accommodating feature to have for any work-from-home vacationer, or flexationer as we like to call it. The entryway is brighter and more welcoming with its white interior and a touch of coastal blue on the walls and the door. A brilliant touch to elevate the allure of a grand-beach entrance.

common room before and after renovation

Lower Level

Arguably, the grand finale, the entire lower space now offers an expansive game-room space, kitchen, bathroom, and even more sleeping arrangements. The lower-level kitchen backsplash is a beautiful and quirky aquatic sight to behold! We couldn’t stop admiring it.

game room renovation

A Beautiful Renovation on Hatteras Island

We hope you enjoyed viewing the transformation of the Last Mango in Hatteras #191 as much as we did! Be sure to check out this homes page for more pictures, amenities, details, availability.