Guests Most Preferred Amenity

What is our Guest’s most preferred amenity? We offer a wide range of pet-friendly homes, stays with hot tubs, private pools, and even beach gear provided. Out of these top 4 amenities: Pet-friendly, Private Pool, Hot Tub, and Beach Gear Included we found that Private Pools and Pet-friendly stays were preferred most by Hatteras Island Vacationers!

Last week we launched a 24-hour voting pole on our Instagram to see what our followers thought and here is the summary of the results.

Most Preferred Amenity Summary Results Hatteras Island
Summary of results from over 200 responses on our Instagram account (2% response rate in 24 hours)

Outer Beaches Offers

Currently, our portfolio offers nearly 160 different pet-friendly stays and 141 properties that have their own private pools

There are 257 properties with hot tubs and 265 homes that offer beach gear already included.

Most Preferred Amenity Results
Screenshot from the Instagram Questionnaire
*Please note this is not an official nor funded research study. This was solely for fun and intrigue 🙂

Assuming that our sample size is a significant indicator indicative of the population of Hatteras Island vacationers, the demand for private pools and pet-friendly stays are relatively equal to the availability. There is some room for market increase opportunity in the private pool category. Meanwhile, the availability of hot tubs and beach gear appear to meet, and exceed, the needs of the market demand.

Most Preferred Amenity to Market Demand

Possible unaccounted for influences on this information include

  • Only having one vote. There is a strong likelihood that a combination of offered amenities may increase the demand for a house. This question assumes you only get one amenity per stay.
  • The list only includes 4 of our assumed top amenities. In contrast, OBR offers over 20 different amenities and filters to choose from.
  • The user groups found on Instagram may not be an accurate reflection of our population of vacationers. This sample source may likely be only one niche group within our target market.

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