3 Reasons Your Rentals Should Include Linens

by Vicki Langhel

In a competitive vacation rental market like Hatteras Island’s, it’s important to do all you can to set your home apart and give your guests an excellent vacation experience. That starts with delighting them with the creature comforts they expect at home and in other accommodations, primarily; linens. Including fresh linen service in your amenity offerings will help you welcome guests and keep them coming back.

Today’s vacationer wants to walk through the door of their vacation home and, well, start vacationing! There is nothing worse than being greeted at the door by a giant plastic container full of assorted bed linens and towels. That definitely does not say “Welcome to the beach!” Full linen service means quality sheets with the beds made each week (and towels placed appropriately as well). It’s best to employ professional services to provide these needs, a company that will ensure your guests’ linens are laundered in a professional environment, delivered to your home, and put on the beds prior to their arrival. For RBO owners, this means a professional laundry service that caters to vacation rental properties. For owners who list their home with a property management company, this means partnering with one that always makes the beds, has their own local laundry facility, provides high quality linens and towels, and encourages or requires pillow and mattress protectors. Here’s why:

1. Guest expect linens

It used to be that guests who rented only the larger, more expensive homes would and could expect to have full linen service, but more and more guests of all types of properties look for this amenity with each new season. In fact, 79% of Outer Beaches guests surveyed rated linens as “important” to “extremely important” to their vacation experience.

2. You’ll make their vacation relaxing, easy and convenient

Another very important reason to provide your guests with linens, especially sheets, is that many people will not have the appropriate sheet sets to bring from home for the bedding configurations in the vacation home they are renting. By making their stay easier, more relaxing, and more convenient through including linens and made beds, they will love you!

3. Guests new to vacation rentals may not know they need to bring linens

As vacation rentals enter the accommodations mainstream, many guests are new to the experience and may not know that linens aren’t a guarantee. What better way than to start their vacations – and their first experience in a vacation rental – off on the wrong note with the unpleasant surprise of finding out their beds don’t have linens on arrival? Head this problem off from the start with a freshly made bed they can’t wait to enjoy.

Your kitchen doesn’t come without pots, pans and silverware, so why would your home not provide linens? Linens should be a standard amenity in today’s market, and guests expect it to be. Delight your guests and keep them coming back with clean, cozy sheets and professionally made beds!