9 Reasons Why We Love The Tri Villages

Salty air and cool breeze come standard at any beach town, but there isn’t anywhere quite like the tri-villages on Hatteras Island. Located on the northernmost end of our stretch of beach, you’ll find rich history, natural features, and ocean culture blend together unlike anywhere else. Below you’ll find our top recommendations from local Outer Banks folks who live and work in the towns of Rodanthe, Salvo, and Waves:

The Atlantic Ocean and Pamlico Sound are only a short walk apart in the tri-villages. Make your friends jealous by telling them you walked from one end of an island to the other.

2. Year-round Rain-or-Shine Boat Drills at the Chicamacomico Life-Saving Station

The Chicamacomico Life-Saving Station a preserved station from the early days of the Coast Guard where brave men rescued endangered sailors. Today, the station is a museum and memorial to those men. Reenactments of Breeches Buoy and Apparatus Drill take place during the summers to bring you into the world of the early surfmen. The best things aren’t always easy to find, so you won’t want to miss this hidden gem.

3. Prime Location for Day Trips North or South

The tri-villages are a central location for day trippers seeking something new each day. Maybe a visit to the Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum and a ferry ride to Ocracoke one day, or perhaps Jockey’s Ridge the next!

4. A Multi-use sidewalk path stretches across the whole town

The sidewalk spanning the tri-villages is unmatched on Hatteras Island. However, different than most sidewalks are the bridges. The tri-village sidewalks bridge over portions of the Pamlico with benches that give you breathtaking views. Its length opens the opportunity for long bike rides and sunset strolls. Take this opportunity to take a loved one and go on a self-guided discovery with your furry companion.

5. If watersports are your game, you’ll be glad you came.

Real Watersports is the hub of surf culture in the tri-villages. Learn about everything watersports at this one-stop shop for surfing, styling, kiteboarding, and more. Real offers tons of adventurous lessons and tours including kiteboarding, foiling, and surfing. Already a watersports pro? Outer Beaches has a wide variety of homes with direct sound access or you can stay just a short walk away from your lessons!

Here are some beach safety tips for when you go out!

6. Devour delicious food with a side of gorgeous sound views

Photo via outerbanks.com

The soundside shores aren’t always empty, so where do you go when you need some quality soundfront time with the family? The Salvo Day Use Area is a secret spot on Hatteras Island. This small location with picnic friendly areas, shallow water, and soundside access is the perfect spot for anyone who wants a quiet retreat. If you want to stay close to the recluse’s paradise, we have you covered.

7. Pelicans, Plovers, and Pintails, oh my

Our National Seashore is a protected natural habitat that houses many species of birds. Pea Island, just a few miles north of the tri-villages, provides a safe opportunity to admire their beauty. Bring a list of every species and see how many you can find!

8. These curves were made for surfing

The S-Curves are a prime surfing location where locals and visitors alike go to shred waves and quickly erase that pesky farmer’s tan. Whether you vibe with a board or watch from the shore, it’s a good time for everyone.

9. Hatteras Island’s Hollywood Home

The Inn at Rodanthe was the setting of the book and movie adaptation of Nicholas Sparks’ Nights in Rodanthe. The house was moved in 2010 from its famous shore location to a safer spot to preserve a piece of movie history. Now booking through Outer Beaches, you have the chance to create your own magic here.

What makes Hatteras Island unique is how each piece complements each other and fits into the whole picture. Rodanthe, Salvo, and Waves bring their history, culture, and landscape into an experience that is unlike any other. Be sure to book your stay with us in the tri-villages if you’re looking to share some of that love!